Energy Sources: New energy supply conditions, increase in the share of RES in Ukraine in 2018, Twinning - a new project of State Energy Efficiency

Figure of the week: The number of RES capacities almost tripled in Ukraine in 2018

The amount of investments in last year's RES capacities is also impressive – EUR 730 million for the development of 813 MW.  According to the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the country currently has 2240 MW of power generating "pure" electricity, which is 1.5 times more than by the end of 2017 (about 1,500 MW).
This tend is definitely very inspiring. However, we should not undervalue the competitiveness of conventional sources of electricity supply. In China, for example, the decision was made not to promote further RES development while coal or other heat generation is more cost-competitive. It is fair enough, but a little embarrassing, since it is unclear how, without additional stimulation, new sources will reach the same competitive level. 

Company of the week: Twinning is a new project of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

A joint project with branch energy institutions in Austria and Italy will be started in March this year. Its aim will be implementing the articles of the 28th EU Directive on Renewable Energy in the Ukrainian legislation, promoting the implementation of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan by 2020 and the Energy Strategy of Ukraine by 2035 in regard to the "green" energy sector, improving public awareness of the "clean" energy benefits, peculiarities of the development of this field, available support programs, potential projects, etc.

Event of the week: Energy services to the population will be provided by various companies to promote the development of competitive relations

From January 1, 2019, energy services to customers in Ukraine will be provided by two different companies – the electricity distribution system operator and the electricity supply company. The electricity distribution system operator will be exclusively engaged in electricity distribution and electricity grids operation. The electricity supply company will be engaged in supplying electricity to consumers, charging payments and calculations. Accordingly, customers will have 2 contracts – on rendering distribution services and supplying electricity. The cost of services for domestic consumers will be the same, and only the external view of the invoice will change after February 1, 2019: consumers will receive one common payment document with new details. There will be two separate lines: for distribution services and for electricity supply services.


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