Energy market overview, August 20-26

Figure of the week: UAH 400 thousand per year - this is the amount of savings that Boris Grinchenko University will receive due to heat pumps

This is stated by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency. The University is one of the educational institutions that implement energy efficient technologies. Three heat pumps of Swedish production with a total heat output of 90 kW are installed in the academic building. The equipment will be an autonomous source of thermal energy for heating the pool and generating hot water and will reduce utilities. The University has also a solar power plant with a capacity of more than 10 kW.

Moreover, three other educational institutions signed the partnership agreements with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency on the establishment of commissions for the performance qualification of buildings energy auditors. The intention to cooperate was announced by Odessa National Polytechnic University, Odesa State Ecological University: Ecology and Economics Faculty, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Event of the week: A new biogas plant was launched in Kamianets-Podilsky

On August 23, processing train for the degassing of a solid domestic waste with a total installed capacity of 500 kW was officially launched in Kamianets-Podilsky.The project will make it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances and produce about 4 million kWh of electricity annually. The total amount of investments is UAH 25 million. The annual amount of biogas production is 2.5 MMCM per year. The city will receive 10% of the revenue from the sale of electricity at a "green" tariff.

As for international news, one should pay attention to that ones from the United States. On Tuesday, the US President Donald Trump’s administration eased environmental control over coal production by abolishing the national rules set by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that now it will allow individual coal-producing countries to establish their own carbon emissions rules rather than comply with a common countrywide standard. Before completing this plan, a 60-day period is required to provide comments.

Company of the week: TechnoK - toys manufacturer - installed a solar station at one of its facilities

Ivano-Frankivsk enterprise installed a solar power station with a capacity of 357 kW on the roof. Annual production, according to the company that implemented the project, will amount to 371,762 kWh. Under the law, solar power stations put into operation by the end of 2019 release electricity into the national grid at a price of 15 euro cents per kWh.


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