Review 18–24 of June 2018

The number of the week: 6 bills on alternative energy have been registered in the Verkhovna Rada in a few days 

This week, lawmakers registered six bills related to renewable energy sector. It could be said with confidence that such an interest by legislators in reforming the sector is not accidental. One of the topical issues that scares green electricity producers is the introduction of a pricing auction mechanism. Many core associations already sent their proposals to the relevant public authorities regarding changing pricing approach, therefore, some of them became the basis for those bills.

But not only the owners of solar power plants desire changes to stimulate "green" energy production. The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the Head of the State Department of Energy Efficiency of Ukraine Serhiy Savchuk with proposals to stimulate the cultivation of energy crops in Ukraine. The experts of the BAU, in particular, offered the following one-use subsidies to cultivate energy crops: per 1 hectare for poplar – UAH 20 thousand, UAH 21 thousand - for willows and UAH 24 thousand - for miscanthus. 

It also became known which energy facilities were proposed by the State Property Fund to be privatized. The list includes: SE Severodonetsk TPP, Kryvy Rih TPP, Dnipro TPP, Tsentrenergo PJSC, Ternopiloblenergo, Zaporizhoblenergo, Kharkivoblenergo, Nikolaevoblenergo, Khmelnytskoblenergo, Kherson TPP.

Company of the week: STRUM

Owners of electric cars in Ukraine still have every reason to complain about poor number of filling stations. So the news on opening of the network of STRTUM high-speed filling stations, DTEK concern, was positively perceived by the community of owners of electric vehicles. At the moment, STRTUM filling stations are located in Kyiv, but the project developers test their possible placement on the highways to Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Dnipro. Thus, the company considers the needs of automobilists and proposes to choose the most comfortable distance between the future superchargers. According to the company's specialists, it may be intervals from 70 to 80 or 90 to 100 kilometers. 

The event of the week: prospects for the development of renewable energy were subject to discussion in Kharkiv 

Last week, Kharkiv hosted energy forum attended by representatives of public and private institutions involved in the implementation of renewable energy. During the discussions, representatives of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine told about the successes in the implementation of energy-efficient technologies. Moreover, representatives of private companies shared their experience of cooperation with foreign partners. The issue of changes in stimulating the production of electricity by solar power stations was also subject to consideration. During the forum, the power grid feeding the premises where the event was held was connected to the solar power station located on the roof of the autocenter. 


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