Review 9–15 July 2018

Figure of the week: Ukrtransgaz’s solar station made its first million

As of June 2018, solar station has generated 157 MWh. The company set a "green" tariff for the sale of the energy generated to SE Energorynok. 

This Naftogaz of Ukraine’s pilot project was launched in 2017. The purpose of the project is to increase the reliability and efficiency of own facilities. 

According to prior estimates, July will probably be the most advantageous month for this facility. Solar station is expected to generate up to 400 MWh of electricity per year. 

Event of the week: State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy saving discussed the implementation of a "green bonds" mechanism in Ukraine, and Ireland will stop investing in fossil fuels

One of the ways to stimulate the development of alternative energy is the introduction of a "green bonds" mechanism. The EU countries have already got such experience, which, under certain conditions, in particular legislative changes, can be applied in Ukraine. At present, expert organizations agreed to develop a coherent plan to implement this mechanism in Ukraine.

This week, a bill was registered in Ireland, which, after being approved by the Upper Chamber of the Senate, will strengthen the country's refusal to further invest in fossil fuels. Such a decision will result in the country’s compliance with the Paris climate agreement. 

Technology of the week: Sun and rain energy

Hybrid solar panels that will generate energy simultaneously from solar emission and rain drops are developed in China. 

According to inventors, this is due to a triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG).

TENG converts mechanical energy into electricity. Сreating the prototype will take three  to five years. 


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