Total Eren enters Ukrainian market, a new bioTermal power plant is being built near Kiev

Figure of the week: NBT, TotalEren and the EBRD to provide Ukraine's wind power generation with EUR 350 million

This was voiced during a meeting in Davos by representatives of Western companies, the EBRD and Ukraine. An outstanding event for the Ukrainian alternative energy market is the arrival of investments of the subsidiary company of the French giant TotalEren. Over the next 18 months, companies intend to invest in the construction of the Sivash wind farm on the north coast. The agreement was signed by Total-Eren CEO David Corcia, NBT leader Joah Wicken and the EBRD Vice President Alan Pilou.

An interesting event can give a start to a new interesting direction in exploration. The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving informed about a meeting with Austrian professor, economic geologist and expert of the International Mineral Policy Agency Gunther Tiis. During the meeting, parties discussed cooperation under the international H2020 project, which explores the possibilities of developing deposits of niobium, tantalum and other rare minerals, which are of critically need for the European Union, in particular for the energy industry. 

Bill of the week: Discussions on the solid biofuel market are still ongoing

Head of Derzhenergoefektyvnosti Sergey Savchuk at a meeting with representatives of the Minekonomrozvytku, Minenergovugillya, Minregionu, Minagropolityky, Derzhlisagentstva, Prozorro, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (BAU) considered a bill aimed at introducing a system of electronic trading of solid biofuels in Ukraine. 
According to S. Savchuk, the advantages of the biomass electronic trading system are the organization of a stable, competitive and transparent biofuel market; guaranteed biomass sales for energy producers; fair market pricing. Such conclusions are based on the experience of the EU countries.

Event of the week: A new bio TPP may appear in Slavutych city near Kiev
The city mayor, Yuri Fomichev, believes that this boiler room makes the city energy-independent. The facility is expected to be commissioned by the end of this year. The capacity of the power plant will be more than 10 MW. With all the energy that is put into the network - it will be more than 25 MW of thermal energy, Yuri Fomichev notes. BioTPP will be in the industrial zone within the territory of the city.



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